The Traumatic Grief Inventory Self Report version (TGI-SR) : Introduction and preliminary psychometric evaluation.

Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder (PCBD) is a disorder of grief newly included in the “Emerging Measures and Models” section of the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders . Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD) is a disorder with similar symptoms, likely to be included in the forthcoming 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases . We developed the Traumatic Grief Inventory Self-Report version (TGI-SR), an 18-item measure, for the assessment of symptoms of PCBD and PGD in clinical and research settings. This study was an initial attempt to evaluate psychometric properties of the TGI-SR. To this end, the measure was administered to 327 patients of a mental health institute specialized in the treatment of psychopathology associated with loss and trauma. We found evidence that items of the TGI-SR (all 18 items, as well as the selection of 17 items representing PCBD criteria, and 11 items representing PGD criteria) loaded on one dimension. The TGI-SR demonstrated strong internal consistency. Elevated scores on the TGI-SR were significantly correlated with elevated scores on indices of psychopathology and lower quality of life, attesting to the concurrent validity. Receiver operation characteristic (ROC) analyses of the TGI-SR total score against provisional diagnoses of PCBD and PGD yielded a high area under the curve index suggesting that the TGI-SR total score can be used as an indicator for probable diagnoses of both PCBD and PGD. Results of this study provide initial evidence that PCBD and PGD symptoms may be readily and reliably measured using the TGI-SR.

Paul A. Boelen & Geert E. Smid | 2017
In: Journal of Loss and Trauma, ISSN 1532-5024 | 22 | 3 | 196-212