Gender and Age Differences in Trauma and PTSD Among Dutch Treatment-Seeking Police Officers.

Little is known about how age and gender are associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and traumatic experiences in treatment-seeking police offers. In this study, we examined 967 diagnostic files of police officers seeking treatment for PTSD. Six hundred twelve (63%) of the referred police officers were diagnosed with PTSD (n = 560) or partial PTSD (n = 52). Police officers reported on average 19.5 different types of traumatic events (range 1-43). Those who experienced a greater variety of traumatic events suffered from more PTSD symptoms. Also, women reported more often direct life-threatening or private events as their index trauma than men and suffered from more PTSD symptoms than their male colleagues. Results indicate that police officers experience a considerable number of different traumatic events, which is significantly associated with PTSD symptoms. The results highlight the importance of early detection of PTSD symptoms in the police force.

van der Meer, Christianne A.I. ; Bakker, Anne ; Smit, Annika S. ; van Buschbach, Susanne ; den Dekker, Melissa; Westerveld, Gré J. ; Hutter, Renée C. ; Gersons, Berthold P.R. ; Olff, Miranda | 2017
In: Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease, ISSN 0022-3018 | 205 | 2 | february | 87–92