Treating Complex Trauma in Children and Their Families : An Integrative Approach

This book provides specific, in-depth individual, group, and family therapy interventions for complex psychological trauma, and focuses on the treatment of 6-12 year-old children and their family members. The authors employ an evidence-based, yet flexible and individualized treatment model, Integrative Treatment of Complex Trauma for Children (ITCT-C), as they address the use of play therapy and other expressive approaches, attachment processing, multi-target titrated exposure, mindfulness techniques, psychoeducation, and affect regulation skill development, as well as interventions with family/caretaker and community systems. The authors emphasize a culturally sensitive and empowering perspective, one that addresses the effects of social marginalization and supports not only recovery, but also posttraumatic growth. Clinical examples and specific tools, such as the Assessment Treatment Flowchart (ATF-C), illustrate how assessment can be used to guide individualized and developmentally-appropriate interventions.

Cheryl B. Lanktree, John N. Briere | 2016
278 | Los Angelas, CA [etc.] : SAGE
behandeling, casuistiek, cognities, complex trauma, dissociatie, emoties, evidence-based, exposure therapy (nl), gezinnen, groepstherapie, hechting, hulpverleners, identiteit, interventies, kinderen, management, methoden en technieken, ouders, Psychoeducatie, psychotrauma (nl), PTSD (nl), relaties, scholen, screening, stress, supervisie, systeemtherapie, tests, therapeutische relatie, therapie, trauma-therapeuten, traumatherapeuten, verwerking, zelfregulatie, zelfzorg
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