Editorial : Community series in grief disorders : clinical, cultural, and epidemiological aspects, volume II

The articles included in this Research Topic provide essential insights in clinical, cultural, and epidemiological aspects of grief disorders. Clinical aspects include diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of grief disorders. Cultural aspects involve the provision of care within specific cultural contexts, while dealing with multiculturalism and globalization. Epidemiological aspects encompass both clinical and cultural aspects and include risk for the development or maintenance of disordered grief as well as factors that contribute to resilience and recovery. 



Geert E. Smid, Hannah Comtesse, Clare Killikelly and Birgit Wagner | 2023
In: Frontiers in Psychology ; ISSN: 1664-1078 | 14 | august | 1259161
Bereavement, Cultural Values, Epidemiology, Loss, Physician-Assisted Dying (PAD), Prolonged Grief Disorder, Suicidality
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