Correction to : Feasibility and predictors of change of narrative exposure therapy for displaced populations : a repeated measures design

Correction to: Pilot and Feasibility Studies 6, 69 (2020) 


Following publication of the original article [1], the authors reported an error in the following sentence: 

Studies into TFT for non-refugee traumatized populations show higher effects (d = 1.08—1.40) [7], than for refugee populations (g = .25—1.01) [8].

Which will be replaced by: 

There is evidence that non-refugee traumatized populations benefit more from TFT than traumatized groups with a refugee background [7, 8].

This also involves changes in reference [8].

“Turrini, G., Purgato, M., Acarturk, C., Anttila, M., Au, T., Ballette, F., ... & Hall, J. (2019). Efficacy and acceptability of psychosocial interventions in asylum seekers
and refugees: systematic review and meta-analysis. Epidemiology and psychiatric sciences, 28(4), 376–”.

should replace:

“Lambert JE, Alhassoon OM. Trauma-focused therapy for refugees: Meta-analytic findings. Journal of counseling psychology. 2015;62(1):28. DOI: 00.1037/cou0000048”.

The publishers apologise for this error.

R.S. Ghafoerkhan, H.E. van Heemstra, W.F. Scholte, J.R.J. van der Kolk, F.J. ter Heide, S. M. de la Rie, L.M. Verhaak, E. Snippe, P.A. Boelen | 2020
In: BMC: pilot and Feasibility Studies ; ISSN: 2055-5784 | 6 | 110 | augustus
Open Access
Asylum Seekers, Narrative Exposure Therapy, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Predictors, PTSD (en), Violence
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