Chemical weapons

Chemical warfare has been widely condemned since it was first used on a massive scale during the first world war. Chemical weapons are cheap, can cause mass casualties, and are relatively easy to produce, even by developing nations. They have been used in many conflicts during the 20th century (box), most recently by Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war,1 as well as in terrorist attacks.

Somatic symptoms in Gulf War mortuary workers.



The objective of this article is to examine the relationship between exposures to the dead and the development of somatic symptoms.


US military veterans' perceptions of the conventional medical care system and their use of complementary and alternative medicine.



Use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is growing quickly in the USA, prompting hypotheses about why people turn to CAM. One reason for increasing use of CAM modalities may be dissatisfaction with the conventional care system. However, recent studies suggest that dissatisfaction is not a major factor.


This paper provides another perspective on the possible relationship between dissatisfaction with conventional care and the use of CAM.


Posttraumatic Re-experiencing in Older People : Working through or Covering up?

This paper is about the therapeutic approach to older people who suffer from war trauma experienced at an earlier age. Special attention is paid to posttraumatic re-experiencing and its role in treatment. First, a few examples of posttraumatic re-experiencing are described. These examples will be used to briefly illustrate some interpretation models, before devoting particular attention to one of them: the psychodynamic interpretation model. Then principles of therapy are discussed.