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TERRA toolkit

TERRA is a two year Europe wide network based prevention and learning project, funded by the European Commission, DG Home Affairs. It is carried out by Impact Knowledge and Advice Centre, Amsterdam, and AV11M, Madrid. TERRA takes a preventative approach towards radicalisation leading to terrorism.

Five essential principles of post-disaster psychosocial care : looking back and forward with Stevan Hobfoll

In 2007, a leading article was published by Stevan Hobfoll and a team of international experts. The authors synthesized available scientific evidence and distinguished five essential principles of psychosocial care to people confronted with disaster, tragedy, and loss. Care givers should promote: (1) a sense of safety, (2) calming, (3) self- and community efficacy, (4) social connectedness, and (5) hope. After their publication, the ‘‘essential principles’’ influenced the thoughts of policy makers, care providers, and scholars from all over the world.

Prioritizing Care During the Acute Phase: The Prominent Role of Basic Psychosocial Life Support



The issue of basic psychosocial life support during and after disasters is important. People who are affected by disasters can experience severe distress and may need psychosocial support. However, there still are many questions about service design and effectiveness of psychosocial support.

Early psychosocial interventions after disasters, terrorism, and other shocking events : Guideline development

Abstract   Although most victims of disasters, terrorism, or other shocking events recover on their own, a sizable amount of these victims develops long-term disaster-related problems. These victims should receive timely and appro-priate psychosocial help. This article describes the development of guidelines on psychosocial interventions during the first 6 weeks after a major incident. Scientific literature, expert opinions, and consensus among relevant parties in the clinical field were used to formulate the recommendations.


Impact Foundation - Knowledge and Advice Centre for psychosocial Care concerning critical incidents.


Are funeral operatives well prepared for the psychosocial impact their work may have on them?