What is geopsychiatry?

Geopsychiatry is a relatively new and exciting field in psychiatry. The discipline studies the interface between geography and psychiatry. The main focus in the field is on the impact and effects due to various factors such as climate change, disasters, globalisation, population growth and movement, urban conglomerations, agricultural production, industrialisation, geopolitics, socio-economic transformations, and cultural practices in the mental health-mental illness processes.

Thus, it is an intersectoral field that involves professionals from varied disciplines such as geographers, physicians, anthropologists, sociologists, health professionals (i.e., nurses, social workers, physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists), architects, urban planners, economists, politicians, agronomists among other interested parties.

João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia and Dinesh Bhugra | 2022
In: International Review of Psychiatry ; ISSN: 0954-0261 | 34 | 1 | 1-2
Academic Achievement, Anthropology, Climate change, Disasters, Displaced Persons, Economics, Editorial, Government Policy Making, Mental health, Mental Illness, Migration, Policy Issues, Professionals, Psychobiology, Psychologists, Psychosocial impact, Refugees, Sociology, Urban Populations