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Hier vind je materiaal (zoals boekjes, filmpjes, liedjes) om te gebruiken voor EMDR behandelingen van kinderen, adolescenten of ouders tijdens deze Corona-periode. Dit materiaal is geproduceerd door EMDR collega’s uit verschillende delen van de wereld voor EMDR collega’s waar dan ook. 



The Global Child EMDR Alliance was established initially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a collective of EMDR therapists, consultants and trainers from around the globe, supporting children, adolescents, parents and clinicians with resources during times of crisis in our world.
Our mission is to unite forces and work together to bring healing to children, youth and their parents through the use of EMDR therapy globally and to support the clinicians that work with them.


The Global Child-EMDR Alliance has formed four basic groups and added different task forces to divide the work load.

Children: Helping children with COVID-19 trauma

Adolescents: Helping adolescents adjust to changing times

Parents/Caregivers: Resources for parents with COVID question

EMDR therapist: Highly trained professionals ready to help now



EMDR Global Child Alliance | 2020
Phoenix : EMDR Global Child Alliance
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