Us and Us : Reflections of the Wellbeing of Church-based Volunteers Working with Refugees and Asylum-seekers, Edinburgh, Scotland

Over the past 5 years, Scotland has seen numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers increase significantly. Churches and other faith-based organisations have been key players in aiding with the reception and integration of these “New Scots”. Although many volunteers characterise their experiences as positive, there have also been unique challenges presented for their mental health and emotional wellbeing as they navigate complex relationships and stories of hardship. Drawing from first-hand experience of working within a faith-based charity that aims to support refugees and asylum-seekers in Edinburgh, Scotland, the author provides her personal reflections on the dynamics of working within the context of refugee resettlement and implications for the wellbeing of both volunteers and New Scots.

Megan Douglas | 2023
In: Intervention, the Journal of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Conflict Affected Areas ; ISSN: 1571-8883 | 21 | 1 | 76-79
Afghans, Asylum Seekers, Quality of Life, Refugees, Religiosity, Syrians, Ukrainians, Volunteer Work