Themanummer : Mental health and psychosocial support, Data and displacement, Missing migrants


Foreword: no health without mental health 
Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, the Kingdom of the Netherlands)  
Creative tensions in the framing of MHPSS  
Alastair Ager (Queen Margaret University/Columbia University)  
Engagement of protection actors in MHPSS: the need for cross-sectoral cooperation  
Sarah Harrison, William S Chemaly, Fahmy Hanna, Nancy Polutan-Teulières and Peter Ventevogel (IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support / Global Protection Cluster / World Health Organization / UNHCR)  
Urban mental health and psychosocial support in Egypt  
Nancy Baron (PSTIC Cairo)  
Culture bias and MHPSS  
Joanne Michelle F Ocampo, Mhd Nour Audi and Mike Wessells (Columbia University)  
The importance of teacher well-being for student mental health and resilient education systems  
Danielle Falk, Paul Frisoli and Emily Varni (Teachers College / LEGO Foundation / Save the Children US)  
Faith-sensitive MHPSS for humanitarian practitioners 
Leonie Harsch, Corrie van der Ven and Olivia Wilkinson (Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities / Kerk in Actie)  
Faith and MHPSS among displaced Muslim women  
Kathleen Rutledge, Sandra Iman Pertek, Mohammad Abo-Hilal and Atallah Fitzgibbon (Queen Margaret University / University of Birmingham / Syria Bright Future / Islamic Relief Worldwide) 

Roles and responsibilities of cultural mediators 
Emilie Venables, Katherine Whitehouse, Caterina Spissu, Lilian Pizzi, Ahmad Al Rousan and Stefano di Carlo (Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg and Italy)  
GBV and mental health among refugee and host community women in Lebanon 
Alina Potts, Rassil Barada and Angela Bourassa (Global Women’s Institute / ABAAD-MENA)  
Community-based approaches to MHPSS  
Dmytro Nersisian, Marine Ragueneau, Heide Rieder and Guglielmo Schinina’ (International Organization for Migration)  
Physical activity, mental health and psychosocial support 
Simon Rosenbaum, Alastair Ager, Leslie Snider, Ajwang Warria, Holly Collison, Sabrina Hermosilla and Davy Vancampfort (UNSW Sydney / Queen Margaret University / The MHPSS Collaborative / University of the Witwatersrand / Loughborough University London / University of Michigan / KU Leuven)  
Adaptation of MHPSS in camps in the context of COVID-19 
Jordan Balletto, Hannah Bergbower, Alice Tang and Fernando Ona (Louisiana Department of Health / Delkab OB GYN Affiliates / Tufts University)   
From place to space: field insights on adapting child-friendly spaces during COVID-19 
Janna Metzler, Aimyleen Gabriel, Frieda Mwebe and Kevin Savage (Columbia University / World Vision UK / World Vision International)  
Therapy in Uganda: a failed MHPSS approach in the face of structural issues 
Costanza Torre (London School of Economics and Political Science)  

| 2021
In: Forced Migration Review ; ISSN: 1460-9819 | 72 pagina's | 66 | march
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COVID-19 (en), Displacement, Egyptians, Epidemiology, Females, Humanitarian Assistance, Lebanese, Mental health, Migrants, Muslims, Psychosocial support, Refugees, Uganda