Syrians in displacement

This important issue of Forced Migration Review draws our attention to the current challenges facing displaced Syrians and the continuing search for solutions. The statistics of Syrian displacement are staggering – and the numbers continue to rise. Half of Syria’s population has been displaced: five and a half million are registered refugees and over six million are internally displaced.


The tragedy of Syria’s conflict and the levels of displacement of its people reflect specific stresses and shortcomings in our region that often mirror similar global patterns. These stresses and shortcomings include the legacies of erratic modern political and economic governance that we cannot change but they are mostly triggered by issues that are fully within our control: inadequate and wavering political will; poor or absent host state responses to accommodating refugees in the short term; insufficient and uncoordinated humanitarian and development aid; continued internal stresses and violence that perpetuate displacement; and direct participation in warfare inside Syria by half a dozen foreign countries from within and beyond our region.

In: Forced migration review, ISSN 1572-1701 ; eISSN 1460-9819 | 83 pages | Oxford : Refugee Studies Centre
Issue 57, February 2018
Aged, Children, Disability, Disabled, Displaced Persons, Displacement, Economics, Education, Gender Issues, Internal Displacement, Internally Displaced Persons, Legal Procedures, Legal Processes, Refugees, Syrians, Vulnerability