Special issue: 'Trauma and PTSD: Setting the research agenda'

Trauma and PTSD: setting the research agenda Miranda Olff, Cherie Armour, Chris Brewin, Marylene Cloitre, Julian D. Ford, Jane Herlihy, Ruth Lanius, Rita Rosner, Ulrike Schmidt, Stuart Turner

Re-experiencing traumatic events in PTSD: new avenues in research on intrusive memories and flashbacks Chris R. Brewin

The underlying dimensionality of PTSD in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: where are we going? Cherie Armour

A plea for symptom-based research in psychiatry Ulrike Schmidt

Untested assumptions: psychological research and credibility assessment in legal decision-making Jane Herlihy, Stuart Turner

Trauma-related dissociation and altered states of consciousness: a call for clinical, treatment, and neuroscience research Ruth A. Lanius

Complex PTSD: research directions for nosology/ assessment, treatment, and public health Julian D. Ford

The ‘‘one size fits all’’ approach to trauma treatment: should we be satisfied? Marylene Cloitre

Prolonged grief: setting the research agenda Rita Rosner

Mobile mental health: a challenging research agenda Miranda Olff