Self-reported life event patterns and their relation to health among recently resettled Iraqi and Kurdish refugees in Sweden.


This paper presents the findings of a longitudinal study of life events in refugees belonging to different language groups from Iraq. Eighty-six individuals were included in the study. Data regarding life events and self-reported health measurements were collected after baseline assessment with 3-monthly intervals on three occasions. Posttraumatic stress disorder was diagnosed by means of a structured interview at baseline. The results indicate that the subjects were influenced to a great extent by political events and the situation of significant others in the home country. Further, the number of negative life events in the host country showed a significant association with self-rated deteriorated health. In subjects with posttraumatic stress disorder, the effects of certain life events were more pronounced.

Söndergaard, Hans Peter M.D.; Ekblad, Solvig Dr.Med.Sci.; Theorell, Töres M.D., Ph.D. | 2001
In: The Journal of nervous and mental disease, ISSN 0022-3018 | 189 | 12 | Dec | 838-845
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