Psychotherapy of Holocaust survivors – group process analysis

Aim. The paper discusses the effectiveness of group psychotherapy addressed to Holocaust survivors.

Methods. The paper is based on many years of its authors’ experience in running such psychotherapy groups. Common psychological problems of the group members and the group dynamics are being discussed and illustrated with the example of work in the group.

Results. The example show the way the current events activate the past traumas and the specificity of the psychotherapeutic work of such traumatized group.

Conclusions. The authors’ experience shows that group psychotherapy is an effective method of treating people who have been exposed to extreme trauma.

Katarzyna Prot, Krzysztof Szwajca, Łukasz Biedka, Kazimierz Bierzyński, Ewa Domagalska, Ryszard Izdebski | 2011
In: Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, ISSN: 1509-2046 | 13 | 1 | 21-33
Adults, Case Management, Group Psychotherapy, Holocaust (en), Intergenerational Effects, Jews, Psychotherapy, Psychotrauma, Survivors, Treatment, World War II