Psychological and social interventions for the promotion of mentalhealth in people living in low- and middle-income countries affected byhumanitarian crises

Objectives: This is a protocol for a Cochrane Review (intervention).


The objectives are as follows:. To assess the efficacy of psychosocial interventions aimed at promoting mental health versus control conditions (no intervention, intervention as usual, or waiting list) in people living in LMICs affected by humanitarian crises.


Davide Papola, Eleonora Prina, Caterina Ceccarelli, Chiara Gastaldon, Wietse A Tol, Mark van Ommeren, Corrado Barbui, Marianna Purgato | 2022
In: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews ; ISSN: 1469-493X | 4 | cd014300
Affected Populations, Comorbidity, Diagnosis, Humanitarian Intervention, Interventions, Low‐income countries, Mental health, Systematic Review
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