Progress testing in resource-poor countries: a case from Mozambique

<p>A wealth of evidence for the effectiveness of progress testing in problem-based learning curricula has been collected in the Western academic world, but whether the progress testing can be equally effective in problem-based medical schools in resource-poor countries is a question that remains to be answered. In order to provide an initial answer to this question, we describe our experiences with progress testing in a medical school in Mozambique since its establishment in 2001, specifically focusing on test acceptability, formative educational impact, test validity and test reliability. After 7 years of experience, we think that the conclusion is justified that the progress testing can be a feasible and effective assessment instrument even in a resource poor setting. Institutional collaboration is important to guarantee test quality and sustainability.</p>

R. Aarts, K. Steidel, B.A. Manuel, E.W. Driessen | 2010
In: Medical Teacher, ISSN 1466–187X | 32 | 6 | 461-463