Problem Management Plus Adapted for Group Use to Improve Mental Health in a War-Affected Population in the Central African Republic

A large number of the population in the Central African Republic has been exposed to potentially traumatic events as a result of the last conflict, which has led to the breakdown of social ties. In response to this situation, the nongovernmental organisation, Action contre la Faim, proposed a multisectoral project aimed at helping internally displaced persons to find an income-generating activity and offer psychosocial support through the adaptation of the Problem Management Plus protocol. A total of 946 IDPs in the country’s capital participated in the group intervention led by a team of paraprofessionals.


Data collected from 111 participants showed that after 5 weeks of intervention, there was a significant reduction in posttraumatic symptoms and functional impairment. These results were confirmed during the postintervention evaluation 4 weeks later. In addition, participants declared that they had observed effects in their ability to live together in the community and in regaining a certain level of social cohesion. This experience gives encouraging results with regard to the feasibility and replicability of the adapted group protocol, taking into account specific cultural and contextual adaptations.

Elisabetta Dozio, Ann Sophie Dill & Cécile Bizouerne | 2021
In: Intervention ; ISSN : 1571-8883 | 19 | 1 | march | 91-100
Central Africans, Humanitarian Intervention, Mental health, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Psychotrauma, PTSD (en), War