Moral injury in women military members and Veterans : What do we really know?

Moral injury describes and explains the biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual wounds service members may develop when they are betrayed by leadership or act, fail to act, or bear witness to acts that are in direct conflict with their moral code. Very little research is focused on moral injury experienced by women service members and Veterans. A woman’s experience in the military is often vastly different from a man’s because they have a higher prevalence of military sexual trauma (the threat or experience of sexual assault or harassment). To date, little research has been conducted about how betrayal, military sexual trauma, and moral injury interact. This article attempts to decipher moral injury from other psychological and combat stress injuries and highlights the unique aspects of moral injury experienced by women combat Veterans.

Michelle A. Weissa, Lataya Hawkinsb and Jeffrey Scott Yarvis | 2023
In: Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health ; ISSN: 2368-7924 | 9 | 4 | 129–136
Females, Guilt, Military Personnel, Moral Injury (eng), Shame, Veterans