The mental health of trafficked persons

Trafficking in human beings (THB) has been described as modern slavery. It is a serious criminal activity that has significant ramifications for the human rights of the victims. It poses major challenges to the state, society and individual victims. THB is not a static given but a constantly changing concept depending on societal changes and opinions, economic situations and legal developments. THB occurs both transnationally and within countries. The complexity of THB is such that it requires a wide range of expertise fully to address the phenomenon.

Pim Scholte, L. Verhaak, A. Lok and R. Ghafoerkhan | 2017
In: Routledge Handbook of Human Trafficking (R Piotrowicz, C Rijken & BH Uhl, eds.). London: Routledge. | 291-302 | London : Routledge
ISBN 978-1138892064
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