Mental health problems and natural disaster: tornado victims


Twenty-six tornado victims were interviewed to determine the mental health consequences of a natural disaster. The results, based on retrospective accounts indicated that approximately three-fourths of the victims suffered increased psychological discomfort of a subjective nature five months later. This discomfort was characterized by anxiety, nervousness, and mild somatic complaints. Disruptions in interpersonal relationships among family members were less frequently reported. The disaster did not produce severe emotional impairment and few of the victims felt the need for professional mental health assistance.

Penick EC, Powell BJ, Sieck WA | 1976
In: Journal of community psychology, ISSN 0090-4392 | 4 | 1 | Jan | 64-68;2-0/abstract;jsessionid=FC9096C9DF08E8A533D7148203887ADB.f04t02
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