Mapping Hiding Places : Researching hiding places used by Jewish people during World War II

'Mapping Hiding Places' is an international research project that has started with data collection in the Netherlands, by students of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities. The project is an initiative of Dr Dienke Hondius, to collect information about hiding places used by Jews in Europe to escape Nazi persecution during the Holocaust (1933-1945).



The aim is to increase knowledge and insight into the histories, locations and relations in hiding. The beginning of this research project involves mapping locations that Jews, Roma and Sinti used as hiding places during the occupation. This information is often still kept in the memory of surviving relatives or of survivors, of local eyewitnesses, and in various books, articles, interviews and other sources. Mapping these hiding locations presents an opportunity to gain more insight into the histories, memories, networks, trends and legacies of hiding in Europe during the Holocaust.

Dienke Hondius | 2022
Amsterdam : Vrije universiteit Amsterdam
Hiding places, Holocaust (en), Jews, Life Experiences, Research, Roma, Sinti (en), Survivors, World War II