Lessons from the aftermath of Flight 232. Practical considerations for the mental health profession's response to air disasters.


The fiery crash of a DC-10 at Sioux City, Iowa, on July 19, 1989, caused a crisis of major proportions, with attendant mental health needs. Various articles have described the need for psychological response teams in such crises. The present article provides practical guidelines for the preparation of a mental health disaster plan and for the coordination of a mental health team responding to a major air disaster. Such disasters can occur in any part of the country at any time. It is hoped that the suggestions in the present article will help teams that respond to future air disasters provide more rapid, effective, and efficient delivery of services to the survivors and their families, and the families of those who are killed.

Jacobs GA1, Quevillon RP, Stricherz M. | 1990
In: Am Psychol, ISSN 0003-066X | 45 | 12 | Dec | 1329-1335
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