Increased substance use in survivors of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster


Cross-sectional data are reported on 73 survivors of the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster. Many reported an increase in their consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, sleeping tablets, antidepressants and tranquillizers at six and 30 months. The level of increased use was, however, lower at 30 months than at six months, although this was less evident for alcohol and cigarettes than the other substances. In addition, self-reports of increased substance use are associated with higher levels of psychological distress as measured by the General Health Questionnaire and the Impact of Events Scale. It is suggested that substance use might help to maintain subsequent psychological distress.

Joseph S1, Yule W, Williams R, Hodgkinson P | 1993
In: The British journal of medical psychology, ISSN 0007-1129 | 66 | Pt 2 | Jun | 185-191;jsessionid=5FDE80C1CADC22E4CC077DC9868AEEBB.f04t03
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