The impact of psychosocial support on well-being and agency within an inclusive livelihood programme

After 7 years of a multifaceted conflict, effective humanitarian assistance for people living in Syria is vital. This action research exploresthe extentto which psychosocial support (PSS) impacts the well-being and agency of Syrian farmers benefitting from livelihood. Our methodology used a baseline and endline surveytowards a target population of households receiving agricultural inputs, with both an experimental and control group. Five dimensions of well-being were considered: emotional, social, economic, skills and knowledge and overall feeling. The key findings are: 

 A stand-alone livelihood programme does in fact have a positive impact on psychosocial well-being;  An integrated PSS and livelihood programme, as expected, has a positive impact on psychosocial well-being; 

 There is larger comparative impact of an integrated PSS-livelihood programme compared to a stand-alone livelihood programme for beneficiaries; 

 We learned that compared to those without disabilities, beneficiaries with disabilities experienced a larger benefit from PSS. These results strongly suggest that an integrated approach providing PSS alongside livelihood interventions has added-value for vulnerable persons to restore their resilience. The results of this pilot study would need to be confirmed by a larger scale study to validate the findings.


 Measure of the impact of psychosocial interventions in conflict settings. 

 New model of livelihood programme. 

 Focus on people with disabilities in armed conflicts.


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Davide Ziveri, Shirin Kiani & Melanie Broquet | 2019
In: Intervention: Journal of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Conflict Affected Areas, ISSN 1571-8883 | 17 | 1 | January-June | 86-95
Psychosocial support, Social Support, Syrians