Grief Responses in U.S. Military Families Following Soldier Loss

Grief has increasingly become a focus of attention within the military, with 80 percent of redeployed soldiers reporting knowing someone who was seriously injured or killed in theater (Thomas et al., 2010; Toblin et al., 2012). Among 15,938 military service members (SMs) who died between 2001-2011, the majority of the deaths were the result of traumatic events, including accidents (34 percent), suicides (15 percent), homicides (3 percent), and terrorism (less than 1 percent) (Cozza et al., in press). Further, 32 percent of deceased SMs died in combat, a military-specific sudden and violent cause of death.

Holly B. Herberman Mash, PhD, Joscelyn E. Fisher, PhD, and Alexander G. Liu, MPH | 2016
In: StressPoints, ISSN 1087-3104 | [31] | oktober