Challenges and Opportunities for Uyghur Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programming

Mental health and psychosocial support for Uyghurs living abroad need to be acknowledged as an important component of the humanitarian response. To formulate appropriate interventions for promoting mental health, a comprehensive understanding of identified problems is needed. However, several challenges − including language barriers, community perceptions of mental health, and mental health services − must be addressed. In this field report, we draw from our experiences of the Uyghur diaspora in relation to mental health to present the challenges which need to be addressed.

Erkuygur, Semire | 2024
In: Intervention, the Journal of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Conflict Affected Areas ; ISSN: 1571-8883 | 22 | 1 | april | 17-21
Cultural Values, Effectiveness, Interventions, Mental health, Psychosocial support, Stressors, Uyghurs