Emotional problems in Palestinian children living in a war zone : a cross-sectional study.



Children living in war zones are at high risk of developing post-traumatic stress and other emotional disorders, but little is known about the effect of traumatic events during war. We aimed to assess the nature and severity of emotional problems in Palestinian children whose homes had been bombarded and demolished during the crisis in Palestine, compared with children living in other parts of the Gaza strip.


Health Problems Among Latin-American and Middle-Eastern Refugees in the Netherlands: Relations With Violence Exposure and Ongoing Sociopsychological Strain

In two studies (n = 480; n = 156), the health problems (somatic, psychological, and migration-related complaints) of refugees were examined, in relation to violence, demographic, and asylum variables (ongoing sociopsychological strain). High frequencies for torture events and a substantial number of medical complaints were reported, but few cases ofdiagnosable Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) were identified (Study I: 6%; Study II: 11%). Not only reported violence, but also the current social situation contributed to the experiencing of ongoing health complaints.