Investigation into Grief Experiences of the Bereaved During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The objective of the current study was to investigate the grief experiences of people affected by COVID-19. The study adopted a qualitative design of descriptive phenomenology. Fifteen adults who had lost a family member during the COVID-19 pandemic were selected as the sample through the purposive sampling method until theoretical saturation was achieved. Data was collected using semi-structured interviews and the Colaizzi analysis method.

Predictors of traumatic experiences among individuals experiencing pandemic-related stressors : a cross-sectional study in Europe during the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is a manifestation of trauma exposure that could eventuate in psychological distress, anxiety, depression, and various mental health disturbances, especially in people who have experienced an additional stressor such as a traumatic event. This cross-sectional study assessed the relationship between pandemic-related stressors, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the risk for severe or life-threatening symptoms, and resilience among individuals with a traumatic history amidst the coronavirus disease.


Editorial : Community series in grief disorders : clinical, cultural, and epidemiological aspects, volume II

The articles included in this Research Topic provide essential insights in clinical, cultural, and epidemiological aspects of grief disorders. Clinical aspects include diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of grief disorders. Cultural aspects involve the provision of care within specific cultural contexts, while dealing with multiculturalism and globalization. Epidemiological aspects encompass both clinical and cultural aspects and include risk for the development or maintenance of disordered grief as well as factors that contribute to resilience and recovery. 



Intolerable feelings of uncertainty within the body : Associations between interoceptive awareness, intolerance of uncertainty, and body dissatisfaction

Background: Adolescence is a period marked by important physical and social changes, which often leads to an increase of body dissatisfaction. Recent studies have shown an association between interoception and body dissatisfaction in female adolescents. One variable that may contribute to the association between interoceptive awareness and body dissatisfaction is intolerance of uncertainty (IU). This study aims to investigate multiple facets of interoceptive awareness, IU, and their relations with body dissatisfaction in adolescent girls.


Shaping hope in everyday life : Experiences of veteran spouses with post-deployment mental health issues

While spouses of military veterans have not been directly exposed to threats during deployment, they often experience a substantial post-deployment-related health burden while living with and caring for a partner with deployment-related mental health issues. Drawing from in-depth interviews, this study examined how female spouses of military veterans deal with the psychosocial effects of deployment. We show how these women cope. They keep their family lives going by maintaining hope for the future.

Trauma concepts in research and practice : An Overview

Trauma is a key concept in many fields of psychology and medicine. Different understandings of trauma are at play here, which are sometimes blurred and usually have little relation to each other. In order to provide orientation in the discussion and to contribute to a reflected use of the concept of trauma in research and practice, this book presents central - clinical, psychosocial, transgenerational and collective - trauma concepts and demonstrates their significance in selected therapeutic, institutional, research and socio-political fields of practice by means of case studies. 

The resilience of Jewish communities living in the diaspora : a scoping review

Introduction: Throughout history, Jewish communities have been exposed to collectively experienced traumatic events. Little is known about the role that the community plays in the impact of these traumatic events on Jewish diaspora people. This scoping review aims to map the concepts of the resilience of Jewish communities in the diaspora and to identify factors that influence this resilience.


Unraveling the complexity of associations between a history of childhood trauma, psychotic-like experiences, depression and non-suicidal self-injury : A network analysis


Several studies have reported the association of psychotic-like experiences (PLEs) with non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI). It has been hypothesized that both constructs might share overlapping backgrounds. This study aimed to investigate the relationships between childhood trauma, depression, PLEs and lifetime characteristics of NSSI.



The Effectiveness of Anxiety Interventions for Young Children : A Meta-Analytic Review

Anxiety symptoms and disorders are prevalent and impairing in young children and these symptoms often persist and worsen over time, indicating the need for efficacious interventions for this age group. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions targeting anxiety in younger children and to assess the potential moderators of outcome. The effect sizes from 24 trials were assessed based on a random effect model. The mean weighted effect size was found to be significant and moderate in magnitude.