The effect of individual characteristics on susceptibility to aggressive and/or intimidating approaches : quantifying probability pathways by creating a victimization model

Background: A significant body of literature has identified multiple factors that contribute to established victimization by aggressive and/or intimidating behaviours. These studies primarily originate from the fields of intimate partner violence (IPV), bullying, sexual abuse, and/or commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), and generally focus on female victims. It appears, however, complicated to quantify the cumulative contribution of these factors on susceptibility to intimidating and/or hostile engagements on an individual level.

Transition from Child and Adolescent to Adult Mental Health Services in Young People with Depression : On What Do Clinicians Base their Recommendation?.

Background. Clinicians in Child and Adolescent Mental Healthcare Services (CAMHS) face the challenge to determine who is at risk of persistence of depressive problems into adulthood and requires continued treatment after reaching the CAMHS upper age limit of care-provision. We assessed whether risk factors for persistence were related to CAMHS clinicians' transition recommendations.


Intergenerational associations of adverse and positive maternal childhood experiences with young children’s psychosocial well-being

Background: Maternal adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are believed to have negative consequences on offspring health. However, positive childhood experiences (PCEs) may be concurrent with ACEs, and little is known about how ACEs and PCEs transmit intergenerationally in the context of each other.


Objective: To explore the independent effect of maternal ACEs and PCEs on offspring psychosocial well-being and how ACEs and PCEs are intergenerationally transmitted in their context.


Parent-led stepped care for traumatised children : parental factors that predict treatment completion and response

Background: Stepped care cognitive behavioural therapy for children after trauma (SC-CBT-CT; aged 7–12 years) can help to increase access to evidence-based trauma treatments for children. SC-CBT-CT consists of a parent-led therapist-assisted component (Step One) with an option to step up to standard therapist-led treatment (Step Two). Studies have shown that SC-CBT-CT is effective; however, less is known about what parent variables are associated with outcome of Step One.


Effectiveness and feasibility of structured emotionally focused family therapy for parents and adolescents : Protocol of a within-subjects pilot study

Mental health issues are widespread among children and adolescents worldwide. Although mental health difficulties may manifest themselves in many different diagnoses, there is growing support for a limited number of underlying transdiagnostic processes. Attachment encompasses a key transdiagnostic mechanism, namely emotional regulation.


Empirically-derived dimensions of childhood adversity and cumulative risk : associations with measures of depression, anxiety, and psychosis-spectrum psychopathology

Background: Investigating different approaches to operationalizing childhood adversity and how they relate to transdiagnostic psychopathology is relevant to advance research on mechanistic processes and to inform intervention efforts. To our knowledge, previous studies have not used questionnaire and interview measures of childhood adversity to examine factor-analytic and cumulative-risk approaches in a complementary manner.


Cumulative stressful events and mental health in young adults after 10 years of Wenchuan earthquake : the role of social support

Background: After a natural disaster, stressful events often continue to accumulate, affecting individuals in a different manner than the original disaster never occurred. However, few studies have examined these associations, the cumulative impacts of stressful events on mental health outcomes, and the role of social support. This study examined the prospective association between cumulative stressful events and mental health problems and the role of social support in young adults.


The associations between metabolic profiles and sexual and physical abuse in depressed adolescent psychiatric outpatients : an exploratory pilot study

Background: Sexual and physical abuse have been associated with long-term systemic alterations such as low-grade inflammation and changes in brain morphology that may be reflected in the metabolome. However, data on the metabolic consequences of sexual and physical abuse remain scarce.


Objective: This pilot study sought to investigate changes in the metabolite profile related to sexual and physical abuse in depressed adolescent psychiatric outpatients.


Development and Psychometric Testing of the Student Learning in Emergencies Checklist (SLEC) : Measuring Promotors of Academic Functioning and Wellbeing in Palestinian Youth Affected by War and Conflict

Youth living with war and ongoing conflict are frequently exposed to potentially traumatic events and cumulative stress which can result in temporarily impaired academic functioning and reduced wellbeing in school. In Palestine, the Ministry of Education has included psychosocial support programmes in the schools for the purpose of reducing stress reactions and improving school functioning amongst students.