Preventing Violence and Terrorism and Promoting Positive Relations Between Dutch and Muslim Communities in Amsterdam

ManyWestern European countries have seen increasing tension between local communities
and immigrant groups, especially Muslims, with mutual grievances. These
tensions have been more apparent and stronger since 9/11/2001. Intensified by further
terrorist attacks, the war on terror, and the fear of terrorism, negative attitudes toward
Muslim populations have been increasing. While relevant to many European
countries, this article focuses on the conditions and relationships between groups in

The Staircase to Terrorism: a Psychological Exploration

To foster a more in-depth understanding of the psychological
processes leading to terrorism, the author conceptualizes
the terrorist act as the final step on a narrowing
staircase. Although the vast majority of people, even when
feeling deprived and unfairly treated, remain on the ground
floor, some individuals climb up and are eventually recruited
into terrorist organizations. These individuals believe
they have no effective voice in society, are encouraged
by leaders to displace aggression onto out-groups,