The Association Between Disaster Vulnerability and Post-disaster Psychosocial Service Delivery Across Europe

This study confirms that the developmental stage of post-disaster psychosocial support planning and delivery systems in Europe is associated with countries’ level of disaster vulnerability. Lower vulnerability is accompanied by more evolved planning and delivery systems. Countries in north, west and central regions have more developed planning and delivery systems and lower vulnerability levels than those in the south, southeast and east. The highest proportion of variance in vulnerability is located at the regional level, most of the variance in planning and delivery systems is at the individual level. Possible implications and chances for the optimization of psychosocial services are discussed.

Michel L. A. Dückers, Anke B. Witteveen, Jonathan I. Bisson, & Miranda Olff | 2015
In: Administration and policy in mental health, ISSN 0894-587X | First online | july | 1-10
First online: 22 July 2015