The relationship between posttraumatic stress symptoms and narrative structure among adolescent terrorist-attack survivors

Background: The structure of trauma narratives is considered to be related to posttraumatic stress symptomatology and thus the capacity to make a coherent narrative after stressful events is crucial for mental health.

School performance after experiencing trauma : a longitudinal study of school functioning in survivors of the Utøya shootings in 2011

Background: The psychological impact on survivors of terrorism has been well documented. However, studies on adolescent survivors and the academic performance of high school students following a terrorist attack are lacking.

Objective: This study investigated academic performance, absenteeism, and school support amongst survivors of a terrorist attack in Norway.

Increased Levels of Depressive Symptoms Among Pregnant Women in The Netherlands After the Crash of Flight MH17

On July 17, 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down, a tragedy that shocked the Dutch population. As part of a large longitudinal survey on mental health in pregnant women that had a study inclusion period of 19 months, we were able to evaluate the possible association of that incident with mood changes using pre- and postdisaster data.

Lone-Actor Terrorism : Literature Review

Lone-actor terrorism is not a new phenomenon; however, research suggests the threat is increasing as pressure from security services forces a tactical adaptation and groups call on those who share their ideology to act alone without direction or support. This paper is the first publication in the Countering Lone-Actor Terrorism (CLAT) project, which aims to improve understanding of, and responses to, the phenomenon of (potentially) violent lone actors through analysis of comprehensive data on cases from across Europe.

Leadership of Mayors and Governors during Crises: A Systematic Review on Tasks and Effectiveness

The aim of this article is to provide a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature on leadership tasks and effectiveness of mayors and governors during drastic collective events. A total of 34 peer-reviewed articles met our criteria. They were analysed using the theoretical framework by Boin on leadership tasks, i.e., sense making, decision making, meaning making, terminating, and learning. Studies ranged from minor incidents like local riots, to the events of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. The material turned out to be dominated by Western and American studies.

Post-disaster psychosocial support and quality improvement:A conceptual framework for understanding and improving the quality of psychosocial support programs

This article is original in that it addresses post-disaster psychosocial support programs from a qualityimprovement perspective, not from the traditional viewpoint of mental health services. Based on a combination of renowned quality models, a framework is sketched that offers chances to better understand and optimize the quality of post-disaster psychosocial service delivery. The quality is reflected in the program’s structure, process, and outcome. Moreover, quality can be expressed in scores per criterion (i.e.